In Biterrois, Vincent and Jean give letters of nobility to pizza

The Agathois cook from Waiki and the Cazoulin pizza maker from La Corneille gourmande, finished 2nd in the French championship “Pizza a due” in Paris, and 4th in the world championship in Parma.

When the art of Mediterranean cuisine meets that of pizza, the results are there. Chef Vincent Berthelon, from the Waiki restaurant in Cap-d’Agde, and pizza maker Jean L’Helgoualch, from Corneille Gourmande in Cazouls-les-Béziers, took part in the finals of the 6th edition of the French Pizza a Due championship , in Paris, in March and at the Worlds of the same competition, this time in Parma this month. They finished 2nd and 4th respectively!

These tests, which are done in duet (hence the Italian expression “a due”) therefore associate a chef and a master pizza maker, to create a gourmet pizza which will be evaluated by a jury of professionals.

The Biterrois duo distinguished themselves thanks to their pizza called “Printanière” which sublimated the asparagus, a seasonal vegetable, grown in Biterroise land. “We worked the asparagus in all its forms: velvety; in raw shavings; blanched and larded; flambéed”explains Vincent.

A garnish with asparagus velouté…

On a traditional dough worked on a long fermentation, the two friends, passionate about cooking and pizza, decided to revisit this Italian specialty by spreading, as a tomato sauce, the asparagus velouté, and garnishing it with hazelnuts from the Piedmont, red onion pickles with raspberry, breaded quail eggs, borage flowers, Colonata bacon and bacon emulsion. In short, only good, natural, colorful, refined… for an innovative four-handed pizza, without tomatoes or cheese.

The accomplices, who say to themselves “happy and proud ” of their classification, add: “It is thanks to this type of competition that we try to give letters of nobility to pizza. Before, it was associated with junk food. We want to put an end to this preconceived idea! Moreover, pizza maker is a recent profession, there is, for example, no pizza maker training in the CFA. It is up to us, professionals, to invest ourselves in showing that pizza can be part of gastronomic excellence”.

Last January, Vincent and Jean were crowned vice-champions of the Marseille Trophy on a pizza they had designed and worked together.

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