“If the desire is extinguished, it is because it was not present at the start, or because our sexuality does not suit us”

In case of blockage of desire, talking within the couple or with a specialist is liberating and, sometimes, even saving.

Lady Figaro. Male speech seems less free than that of women, who speak more and more openly of desire, pleasure and consent. Why you think ?
Margot Fried-Filliozat. – Talking about their sexuality remains difficult for them as for them. But an accumulation of great suffering has led women to be fed up and say no. However, society recognizes more than men the right to complain. A crying boy will be told to dry his tears and be strong. Moreover, sexuality is so closely linked to masculinity that a lack of desire raises existential questions that are difficult to address: am I really a man? So do I really exist?

This question is all the more agonizing in that it often arises after passionate beginnings… Are these false starts?
No, there is nothing wrong with the first moments of an emotional or romantic relationship. The intense sexuality of the beginnings fills…

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