‘I Want Candy’ singer Aaron Carter dies aged 34

Fans of the American singer and rapper in mourning. Aaron Carter died at the age of 34 on Saturday, representatives of his family told Sky News, confirming the information from TMZ. Aaron Carter was reportedly found drowned in the bathtub at his home in Lancaster, California. Aaron Carter was also known to be the brother of Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter.

Aaron Carter’s musical career began with the band Dead End when he was 7 years old. His debut album, simply titled Aaron Carter, was released in December 1997. The “child star” went gold in Norway, Spain, Denmark, Canada and Germany. The album was reissued in the United States in June 1998.

The “former child star”

In the early 2000s came out Aaron’s Party, which became a triple platinum album with 900,000 copies sold. In August 2001, it was Oh Aaron which arrives in the bins. Then, Another Earthquake in September 2002 or even Most Requested Hits in November 2003.

Aaron Carter finally made his big comeback in the studio in 2016 with the single Fool’s Gold then the EP LøVë in February 2017. A few months later, he came out as bisexual. He was in a relationship with Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan or Kari Ann Peniche.

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