“I had surgery, and I assume it!” : Karine Le Marchand plays with transparency

Karine Le Marchand says: “I did plastic surgery, and I assume it!”

While the fans ofADP will be able to discover a new episode of Love is in the meadow 2022 this Monday, September 5, 2022 on M6, Karine Le Marchand confided in the pages of Femme Actuelle. The host revealed that she had cosmetic surgery and she assumes completely. “I am against this hypocrisy which consists in telling women that they have to stay young and beautiful, but never doing anything ‘otherwise it does not feel natural'” she said, “I had surgery, and I assume it!”.

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Karine Le Marchand clarified: “I fixed what was wrong and I live with the rest”. “Obviously, my skin isn’t as firm as I was when I was 25, but there’s nothing I can do about it” she added, “The advantage is that as you get older you also lose your sight a little, so you see less of the details! I can’t say that I live it with serenity, but I try to live it wisely”.

“It’s disabling on a daily basis not to recognize yourself in the image that you send back”

The presenter whose supposed salary was revealed in TPMP explained her decision to have cosmetic surgery. “I like this freedom of not having to ask myself questions. I have worked with many animators who refused to be filmed under this or that profile, who tucked in their stomachs as soon as we started shooting. In short, who were preoccupied with little physical flaws that took up a lot of space in their heads and prevented them from being themselves… I prefer to be careful beforehand and feel good when I’m filming” she detailed.

“I think the right time is when you are no longer in tune with what you see in the mirror. There are people full of energy, life and desire who are physically worn out and tired. I think it’s disabling on a daily basis not to recognize yourself in the image that you send back” she also said, “Afterwards, everyone must above all do what they want and do it for themselves!”.

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