Humanity will ‘soon’ go extinct, according to a scientist’s disturbing prediction

A scientist announces, without taking tweezers, that humanity is doomed to extinction. According to him, this decline is inevitable, as he tells in an editorial.

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Henry Gee, paleontologist and editor of the scientific journal Natureis categorical: “I suspect that the human population is poised not just to dwindle but to crash – and soon “, he writes. The least we can say is that it does not go there by four paths.

For example, he does not hesitate to use the word ” extinction » when he mentions « the most insidious threat to humanity “. The causes, according to Henry Gee, are pollution, declining birth rates, lack of genetic variation and the stress caused by overcrowded cities around the world.

“There comes a time […] where extinction will be inevitable”

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All these causes are not without consequences according to the paleontologist. The latter would even be inevitable for humanity: There comes a point in the progress of any species, even those that seem to be thriving, when extinction will be inevitable no matter what they might do to avoid it. “.

The author of the editorial tries to explain that humanity should thus suffer a backlash: “ Species most at risk are those that dominate particular habitat patches at the expense of others, tend to migrate elsewhere, and are therefore more finely dispersed. Humans occupy more or less the entire planet, and with our sequestration of a significant portion of the productivity of this patch of planetary habitat, we are dominant there. “.

Henry Gee continues, without the slightest note of optimism, that mankind could ” already be a walking dead species “. Words that the author punctuates with these words: the signs are already there for those who want to see them “.

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