How to detect car accidents on iPhone and Apple Watch?

During the keynote, Apple unveiled new systems intended to strengthen the security of its users, with in particular the Satellite emergency connection but also Crash Detection. It has thus emphasized physical security, via the new sensors (accelerometer and gyroscope) to detect a possible car accident, so that the iPhone or Apple Watch automatically calls an emergency service.

In a new video, Cupertino explains how to use the new detection functionwhich is enabled by default on all iPhone 14 models, Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra, and second-generation Apple Watch SE

Apple predicts long list of crashes

In a new document on its website, the Californian firm confirms its approach unveiled during Far Out : The accident detection function is designed to detect serious car accidents, such as collisions or a strong impact from the front, sides or rear involving different vehicles (cars vans, SUVs, vans etc). She wants to be not limited in his list, insisting on the inability to foresee everything.

A double alert system and automatic calls

In the event of a shock being detected, the function will automatically use the Apple Watch if the user is wearing one and if it is active. Otherwise, it will switch to the iPhone. Similarly, the iPhone or Apple Watch will display an alert and/or trigger an alarm.

If the user is able to do so, he will be able to call the emergency services just by dragging the slider Emergency call or dismiss the alert. If they don’t respond to the alert after 10 seconds, the iPhone or watch will begin a second 10-second countdown before automatically calling emergency services.

How to detect car crashes on iPhone and Apple Watch?

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