how does a seawater desalination plant work?

Because of the drought and the decline in water resources, some French cities are opting for desalination units or seawater desalination. This system removes salt from the water to make it clean for consumption. On the island of Groix, the system has been installed since the beginning of August for a temporary period of three months.

From the shore of the island of Groix, we see At sea a raft connected to the desalination units by a thick black pipe. The water is pumped, stored and then brought into two white containers. This is where salt and water are separated by a membrane.

The membranes are therefore a physical filtration that allows water to pass on one side while retaining all the particles on the other. These membranes are fragile, and therefore regularly maintaineddescribes Sandrine Delemazure, director of the water and sanitation service of the Agglomeration of Lorient. Throughout the filtration, we check the fouling of the membranes, and when we reach a certain degree of fouling, we can try to clean them, by passing water against the current, or by washing chlorine or chemical washes. ยป

Desalination plants are very expensive. In Groix, the agglomeration paid 800,000 euros.

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