How do you raise boys with high self-esteem so no one takes advantage of them?

Letting his son have the last word, being loud, grumpy and messy thinking he’ll change later, well, that’ll never happen. Indeed, raising a boy who is caring, sincere, responsible, attentive and above all respectful of others, begins at home. And instilling all these qualities in him is a struggle that every parent must lead to make him a better man, endowed with good self-esteem.

As parents, your main task is to teach your son to develop self-confidence while being empathetic and above all respectful of those around him. Expert explanations.

All parents want to boost the self-esteem of their children, but many do not know how to go about it, especially those who have a boy. Do you have to give her compliments 24/7 so as not to offend her? Should we teach him to be strong and unshakable so that he feels good about himself? What is the “masculine” example to follow in order to succeed in the education of one’s son? By applying these tips and tricks, you will offer him a precious asset that is self-esteem, while educating him away from the confusions that reign in our world and against sexist stereotypes. In this context, Marie Schneider, psychiatrist at the Child Guidance Unit of the HUG (University Hospitals of Geneva), explains that self-esteem stems from the feeling of internal security that the baby feels in the bond with his mother.

Mother and son

Mother and son. Source: spm

  • Respect your boy and avoid judging him

Just because he’s 3 or 5 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show him respect. On the contrary, the best way to teach your son to be confident and respectful towards himself, his parents and later towards womenit’s from treat it with respect, while establishing certain rules and limits. When he tells you about his problems at school, listen carefully to get to know his personality better. Don’t criticize or judge him., even when you don’t totally agree with him. Let him open up to you, so that you may be able to correct his upbringing.

Father and son

Father and son. Source: spm

  • Teach your boy to love himself and everyone

Your job as a parent is to make sure your son love each other, not just for his appearance or for his accomplishments, but simply for who he is. Nevertheless, pay attention to his behaviorit should not be dominant Where want to belittle his sister or his classmate for example. Don’t forget that you are his main source of self-esteemso do not hesitate to show you affection to him and to encourage him to do the same to you and others. Make him understand that you can’t love others if you don’t love yourself.

Be affectionate towards your son

Be affectionate towards his son. Source: spm

  • Set a good example for your boy and show him how to behave in society

Your son will learn to trust him through your behavior and actions, and not through your speeches. For example, if he sees his dad criticizing his mom’s body or skills, he will automatically repeat the same pattern at home and away. Caroline Dayer, sociologist and expert in the prevention of violence and discrimination for the canton of Geneva, explains that from the age of 3, children are aware that adults have different behaviors depending on the sex assigned.

For her part, Angélique Cimelière, clinical psychologist for children, believes that the fight against gender stereotypes is essential from early childhood. The expert specifies that very often, parents are not always aware that they educate their little girl and their boy differently.

It is therefore important to give your son good example from an early age dealing with difficult situations with courage and confidence. This is self-evident with regard to your relationships with others, monitor your behavior when your toddler is presentwhether with your partner, friends or family, speak respectfully, don’t lie, listen, don’t raise your voice, don’t judge or criticize !

Set a good example for your child

Set a good example for your child. Source: spm

  • Empower your boy and get him to make decisions independently

Teach her boy to take responsibility for their choices and decisions will allow him to have more self-confidence. This strategy also prepares him for the challenges he will face later in life. To do this, you can give him age-appropriate responsibilities; setting or clearing the table, feeding the cat or dog, folding clothes, making the bed, etc. Then let it do the task in question in an autonomous way, even if he does everything wrong. Above all, he must understand that it is not a question of “girls only tasks”.

Empower his son

Responsible for his son. Source: spm

Focusing on qualities and strengths rather than flaws and weaknesses can help your toddler feel good about themselves, be respectful of others, and develop positive self-esteem.

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