his widow reveals their baby’s name and meaning, heartbreaking family photo

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I would have liked so much that my husband was there and revealed to you the name of our daughter…“. It is with these words that Sandrine Lévi, the widow of Daniel Lévi begins the long message that she published on Instagram this Monday, September 6, 2022. A special day for the relatives of the singer who died just a month ago. , swept away by cancer at the age of 60. Indeed, as announced a few days ago, the climb to the cemetery was organized yesterday morning at the Jewish cemetery Saint-Pierre located in the 10th arrondissement of Marseille.

This Tuesday, Sandrine Lévi chose to reveal the first name they chose for the child they had together, a little girl whose birth Daniel Lévi had announced during the summer, on July 15.

He composed it himself, as he did with great talent for his music. It is with strong emotion that I do this for him, for us today…‘NESSYEL’ (Miracle of Hashem). On behalf of our daughter Nessyel, her children Abel and Rephaël and myself, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your endless support in this ordeal. Today, Daniel ZL rests in peace at Gan Eden“, writes Sandrine first. The mother of the family poses surrounded by the children of her late husband. Nessyel appears curled up in the arms of her mother, in a white bodysuit, with her two older brothers. Abel and Rephael are the two boys that Daniel Lévi had with his two…

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