Here’s the surefire way to put a crying baby to sleep, according to science

What parent doesn’t want to have a foolproof way to put their baby to sleep when he cries? It seems that scientists have just discovered the perfect solution to this problem, relieving many parents!

As a new parent, one of the most frustrating things is trying to put your baby to sleep when he cries and can’t seem to stop and all the techniques and tricks used seem to have no positive effect!

However, recently, a scientific study revealed a trick to put a crying baby to sleep in just 13 minutes. A record for a method comprising only two simple and easy to apply steps…

A deep sleep

Will parents soon see the end of the tunnel? Published in the scientific journal Current Biologya study reveals the recent discoveries of a team of researchers on children’s sleep, proposing, in passing, a ” immediate solution for infant crying “. Composed of two steps, this method which is almost miraculous, would take only 13 minutes and would ensure a baby falling asleep. For parents, the first step is to walk for five minutes while carrying their baby in their arms. The only constraint, be careful not to make too many sudden movements during this walk.

Quality sleep

After walking, comes the second stage consisting of sitting down while carrying your child in your arms and staying in this position for about eight minutes. After that it would be possible to lie down in bed her sleeping baby without him waking up again. ” Many parents suffer from babies crying at night commented Dr. Kumi Kuroda, from the RIKEN Center for Brain Science in Japan, one of the authors of the study carried out with 21 infants aged zero to seven months, accompanied by their mothers. This experiment was conducted with four different ways of preventing babies from crying, including being held by their mothers while sitting, or being held by their mothers while standing, lying in a still bed, or lying in a rocking bed. From these tests, it appears that a baby carried by his mother while walking calmed down quite quickly and saw his heart rate slow down in only thirty seconds. This was not the case in the other methods which ultimately proved to be counter-productive. Arms then bed, a winning duo for parents!

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