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We had gotten a bit “unused to it”: it was cool in France on Saturday September 17 and Sunday September 18, 2022. Or, at the very least, a little cooler than we could expect.

According to Météo France readings, the average temperature observed in France during these two days was indeed lower than the average for the season. Which has happened very little this year.

2022, a record year

Indeed, according to data from Météo France, 205 of the first 260 days of 2022 experienced an average temperature higher than normal.

Graph showing the average temperatures recorded since the beginning of the year, and their difference from normal (black curve). In blue, the days with temperatures below normal, in red, those with temperatures above normal. | METEO FRANCE

A significant total which even constitutes a record: since 1947 (Météo France does not have data for the previous years), no year had known so many days above the reference normal between January 1 and mid-September.

The previous record in this area was held over this period by the year 2020 (185 days). The years 2018 (182 days), 2003 (165 days) and 2017 (158 days) follow, all of which saw their totals largely beaten by that of the year 2022.

Very few cool days this summer

If these positive temperature anomalies have been numerous since the beginning of the year, this has been a fortiori the case since the beginning of the summer.

Indeed, since June 1, the day that marks the start of the meteorological summer, only 10 days have seen the mercury evolve below seasonal averages, including 7 for the period between June 25 and July 2, which had been noticeably cooler.

Ultimate sign proving that the summer of 2022, marked by repeated heat waves and persistent drought, was not quite a normal summer…

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