Here is the best pizza in the fresh department according to 60 million consumers

Ahhh the pizza. This traditional Italian dish that wants us only good. Summer and winter, the pizza invites itself as THE comforting dish par excellence. We will love to eat it after a hard day, or during an ultra chill evening with our friends. That we like it in its version 4 cheesesa little more classic with the Margherita or so exotic with a Hawaiian, pizza is always a good idea. However, if we all have our favorite pizzeria, we must admit that we sometimes crack and opt for one found in the fresh section of our supermarket. When you don’t have the time, or the laziness, these pizzas do the job quite well. However, what are they really worth from a nutritional point of view? What brand stands out for being the one to absolutely put in our shopping cart? It is in his special issue Eating healthy, good and cheap, that 60 Million consumers reveals to us the best pizza in the fresh department!

9 industrial pizzas scrutinized

To help us make the best choice when it comes to industrial pizza, the magazine analyzed 9 cheese ham pizzas sold in supermarkets as well as their Nutri-Score. Number of ingredients and additives, presence or absence of nitrite, percentage of cheese and content of fat, salt and carbohydrates, have been scrutinized. According to the magazine, the 9 pizzas studied presented a list of ingredients that was far too long, ranging from 16 to 25. And among them, there were many markers of ultra transformation (up to nine), including additivesleast controversial as diphosphate (E 450) or the nitritesuspected of being carcinogenic in humans, present in all references. We don’t forget the salt and added sugars present in huge quantities. Clearly, only things that our body would do without.

What’s the best pizza in the fresh aisle?

In its special edition Eating healthy, good and cheap, 60 Millions de consommateurs, reveals that the pizza that wins first prize is the Intermarché pizza, from its Fiorini brand. Because ?

FrontWith less sugar, salt and a low price, the Intermarché pizza stands outsay our colleagues.

In addition to its price of 4.87€ it would also be the most nutritious. Attention, the specialists would like to note that it remains an industrial pizza and therefore it is not to be consumed every day for our health!

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