Here is the best ham and cheese pizza according to 60 million consumers

Second largest consumer of pizzas in the world behind the United States, France has always given pride of place to this Italian dish. To help you in your choice at the supermarket, 60 million consumers has published a comparison of nine brands of ham and cheese pizzas in its May-June 2022 special issue.

Surfing on the Buitoni frozen pizza scandal, which led to serious cases of contamination by the Escherichia coli bacterium, the French magazine scrutinized certain brands sold in supermarkets. For this, 60 million consumers relied on the price of the dish, its Nutri-Score, the quantity of ham and cheese, as well as its composition (the number of ingredients, the level of salt, carbohydrates, fats and nitrites).

In the end, the “Fiorini” brand pizza, sold by Intermarché at 4.87 euros per kilo, won the event because of its low price, but also because of its lower sugar and salt levels than the competition. . The latter has the advantage of having only 16 ingredients, the lowest number of ingredients in the comparison.

The composition of the pizzas pointed out

However, the magazine warned about the composition of the dishes studied. “The ham and cheese pizzas studied contain a lot of added sugars and ingredients from industrial processes,” wrote the authors of the article. Many pizzas analyzed revealed traces of diphosphate, “a stabilizing agent suspected of increasing cardiovascular risk, especially in kidney failure”.

Another aspect pointed out by the comparison: the salt and sugar levels, which respectively reached thresholds of 1.7g/100g at Sodebo, Lidl and Picard, then 4.4g/100g at Auchan. Finally, traces of nitrites were detected in each pizza tested. On the other hand, the quantities of fats observed were considered “reasonable compared to other families of industrial products (cordons bleus or knacks)”.

Ultimate scrutiny, the topping represented 40% of the finished product for each pizza, with the exception of Sodebo and Picard pizzas, which are more expensive but more sparing in ham and cheese. If the first brand did not communicate any data on its topping, the second established the topping on its pizza at 12.4%. Last point to emphasize: only Auchan and Casino have mentioned the French name of the ham used to make their dish.

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