he wants to “make a baby on his own” and reveals the astronomical sum spent on surrogacy!

“Today, we are separating, by mutual agreement. Well, we call each other every day. We have lived two extraordinary years, really. We have traveled a lot. But at one point, Alexandre had to difficult to find his place. I think he needed a quieter life, less turbulent. He wanted to be stable, a more classic life “. Nobody expected it and yet… With these words, Mathieu officially announced, during an interview granted to Jordan de Luxe, his separation from Alexandre, whom he met on the set of Love is in the meadow. A decision partly taken by the second to believe the words of the first.

“It’s a blow. It’s more of a decision on his part. But you know, when you love, you have to know how to listen to the other. He told me that he still loved me”, he lamented before making a big announcement despite the terrible news that fell on his head a few weeks ago. As a couple or not, Mathieu wants to become a dad and seems very motivated at the idea of ​​having a child in the coming months: “I’m going to have a baby solo. I organize my professional life to work at home. The decision is that I’m going to have the baby alone. So I left to give my semen”.

A crazy amount!

A news which undoubtedly reassured all the fans of the candidate of Love is in the meadow. However, Mathieu indicated, still at the microphone of Jordan de Luxe, that the cost of this life project was very important. “I spent 65,000 euros”, he confided. An astronomical sum partly financed thanks to his book written with Alexandre: Do we love: Or how two men that everything opposed live the most beautiful of adventures.

A lot of people told me to make a kitty, but with Alexandre, it was out of the question”first let the one who is now single know before continuing: “I hate this kitty system, because you’re famous, you get money. We worked on the book for a year. At least, what we will touch will be for the little one and we will have worked”.

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