Has Laeticia Hallyday just been severely betrayed? This meaningful post that risks setting fire to the powder…

Laeticia Hallyday can boast of having a large community on the Web. On a daily basis, she hides nothing from her followers. The latest news, everything is rolling for the widow of Johnny Hallyday. This summer, the main interested party has chained the trips to the four corners of the globe with his family. After taking advantage of France, Laeticia Hallyday flew to Greece. Finally, the main interested party also made a short stop in Saint-Barthélemy before her big comeback in Los Angeles.

The opportunity for her to celebrate the birthday of her two daughters with their loved ones. In good times and bad, the star knows she can count on the unwavering support of her admirers. His trial opposing him to the elders of Taulier as to his inheritance had the merit of unleashing passions in France. If an agreement has been sealed between the two parties, the good agreement is no longer there…

“When you completely trust someone…”

“I have a lot of empathy for the suffering of David and Laura. She’s very real.” confessed the mother of Jade and Joy in the columns of Point. “They would have just had to call me, that we settle it as a family. The opening of the will should have been done together, but they refused to come”. In the midst of turmoil, Laeticia Hallyday also regretted all this media madness and the impassivity of her ex-stepchildren in the face of her dismay: “Letters from lawyers, very harsh, caricatural […] I had no call, no other sign from them. They made a choice.”

To make matters worse, some of his friends also turned their backs on him. But never mind! Since then, water has flowed under bridges. But this Monday, September 5, 2022, Laeticia Hallyday took hold of her networks to give her news. And obviously, the producer wanted to share her feelings of the moment: “When you trust someone completely, in the end you will get two results: either a lifelong friend or a life lesson.” The message got through!


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