Hanx 101 Trivia: Tom Hanks’ Quiz is available on Apple Arcade

Big fan of quizzes, the American actor Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump, Alone in the World, Philadelphia) has designed a similar game for our iPhones. Even better, Hanx 101 Trivia is coming to the Apple Arcade subscription service today. The objective remains that of a good old Trivial Pursuit: players must answer questions spread over several categories (sport, cinema, history, mathematics, geography, food (!), etc.). The winner is the player who best answers the greatest number of questions, even with a “combo” multiplier effect when you answer correctly several times in a row!

Hanx 101 Trivia can offer several thousand different questions, enough to put your general knowledge to the test. We also note that if the principle of the game is far from new, the studio BlueLine Studios Inc. has done a nice job of general presentation, far from the graphic flatness of many quizzes.

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