Guinness records: France world champion with an 834 cheese pizza

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France is the country of cheese, but also now holds the record for the pizza with the most cheeses: a status endorsed by the Guinness Book.

On September 25, 2021, the Guinness Book of Records granted a particular world record to a group of French people: that of the pizza containing the most varieties of cheese. These have therefore been consecrated by the 2023 edition of the famous work, published this Wednesday, September 7.

A separate record

The Guinness of Records, an international organization listing the most diverse and varied world records, had awarded this record to a trio, made up of three personalities with very different professions: chef Julien Serri, YouTuber Morgan VS and artisan cheesemaker François Robin. They had composed, on the occasion of the International Restaurant, Hotel and Food Fair, or Sirah, held annually in Lyon, a pizza made of 834 cheeses, all French.

The robindescheeses Instagram account, which announced in 2021 the happy news
Instagram – robindescheeses

A long-term job, since in addition to the 2 hours 20 of preparation of the dish, it took 14 months of work to contact the producers and list all the cheeses to be used, as reported West France.

The edition of the Guinness Book 2023, published this Wednesday, September 7, 2022, confirms a record that is not ready to be dethroned: the last record held by the Lyonnais pizza maker, Benoit Bruel, was “only” 257 cheeses .

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