guard faints during vigil at Westminster Hall

A uniformed guard suddenly collapsed to the ground overnight from Wednesday to Thursday while guarding the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II.

Hundreds of people are currently marching through Westminster Hall, where the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II is on display for four days. The monarch’s funeral will only take place on Monday, in the presence of hundreds of guests, including Emmanuel Macron.

Until then, the British can pay homage to their queen, whose coffin is protected by numerous guards. But on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, shortly after midnight, one of them suddenly collapsed on the ground.

According to Charlie Proctor, editor of the Royal Centrala specialized information site on the British monarchy, the guard received medical aid from the police officers present.

Thousands of people expected

The broadcast of the vigil (live on several English channels) was interrupted for a few minutes, the video feed showing an image of Big Ben, before returning to Westminster Hall. This is where the queen’s coffin arrived on Wednesday, after an emotional procession.

The public, who had been waiting for the first since Monday evening, was finally able to enter at 4 p.m. The Queen’s remains are now accessible to the public from her closed coffin.

For a little less than five days, the population will be able to gather briefly, 24 hours a day until the early morning of September 19, a few hours before the start of the funeral. Mostly in tears or watery eyes, visitors are only allowed a few seconds in front of the coffin.

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected. The line could stretch for several kilometres. The authorities asked the public to “dress appropriately to pay homage” to the sovereign.

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