Google intends to follow in Apple’s footsteps with this future smartphone

News hardware Google intends to follow in Apple’s footsteps with this future smartphone

If Apple has decided to stop the costs with its iPhone Mini, it could be that Google decides to take inspiration from these small models to offer a new model of Pixel.

The failure of the sale of the various iPhone Mini models motivated Apple to throw in the towel: the proof, this year, no iPhone 14 Mini but an iPhone 14 Plus intended to enrich the range. Generally, small smartphones are less and less present on the marketand terminals like the Asus Zenfone 9 are an exception.

However, it would seem that the prospect of releasing a small smartphone potentially of interest to Google. The American company recently released its Pixel 6a, but it does not go below the symbolic 6.1 inch bar. This may change in the future.

A Google Pixel less than 6 inches in sight?

The website Android Authority came across some interesting information while exploring the Weibo social network. This Chinese platform is often the place of choice for multiple leaks related to the high-tech universe.

According to one user of the service, Google would be working on a smartphone with a “small screen” that would be below 6 inches diagonally. Its design would be similar to that of the most recent Pixels, but it is not known whether it is the Pixel 6 or the upcoming Pixel 7.

It seems that Google’s decision comes from the fact that Pixel terminals sell little in some countries where small screens are still popular.

A small family just waiting to grow.

A small Pixel, a potential challenge for Google

The Mountain View company has, however, never hinted that such a terminal was in the works. As much as we regularly hear about a folding Pixel and even a Pixel tablet, a Pixel Mini has never been talked about.

If a Google smartphone under 6 inches would undoubtedly have its followers, it is not said that a commercial success would be possible : the findings made by Apple tend to prove it, even if the target audience for iOS and Android is different.

Otherwise, if Google decides to release a Pixel Mini, we must expect compromises : a smaller battery, the absence of wireless charging or even a more restrictive photo part. These are not necessarily points on which many users are willing to compromise today.

In summary, a rumor remains a rumor until it is confirmed or denied, but we can still speculate on the interest that Google would have in embarking on the production of such a device. And it wouldn’t be the first time that a high-tech brand has bucked trends if that turns out to be true…

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