Giulia Sarkozy very close to the daughters of a singing star: “They are almost raised together…”

Dividing for some, Nicolas Sarkozy is in any case a whole man who has forged strong friendships with different personalities. There are Jean Reno and Christian Clavier who are loyal friends of the former President of the Republic, but not only. The politician also shares a beautiful relationship with a figure of music: Didier Barbelivien. The latter unveils a 22nd album simply named after him and confides in the pages of the magazine Gala on his closeness to the former French leader.

Didier Barbelivien is for the general public a prolific author and composer of French variety – for him or for others -, of which we know how to sing at least one title by heart: Mademoiselle sings the blues, The Bride and Groom of Vendée, He taps on bamboo or even The sunlights of the tropics… In his private life, he is married to Laure Bernardini, twenty-nine years his junior. Together, they had twins in 2011, Louise and Lola. He is also the proud father of two boys, David and Hugo, born from a previous relationship.

Aged 68, a year older than Nicolas Sarkozy, Didier Barbelivien considers him “a member of [sa] family“: “We met in a theater, he has been my friend for forty years. (…) We see each other every week, we go on vacation together. Our girls are almost raised together… It seems that it’s not good for an artist to be politically marked, but I don’t give a damn!” In Closer in 2020, the artist was already addressing the strong ties between their children: “They don’t leave each other. They are practically raised together. Like sisters. They are nine months apart. We often go on vacation together.

Also close to Carla Bruni-Sarkozy

Indeed, the last of Nicolas Sarkozy, Giulia, born of his marriage to Carla Bruni, has just celebrated its 11 years. Having children at the same age and the same age, that had everything to bring the two great friends together! Talking about music with Madame Sarkozy, herself an author-composer, could only reinforce their complicity. The former top model had also been the guest of the Europe 1 show hosted by Didier Barbelivien in 2022, Tell me what you sing returning to the writing of the lyrics of The last minutethe closing song of his first album, Someone told me.

Find the full interview in the magazine Gala from November 3, 2022

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