François Cluzet: “It would be impossible for me”, the strange reason why he will never cheat on his wife

It’s the movie of the moment. Masquerade by Nicolas Bedos has been unleashing passions for a few days, especially since its release in cinemas this Wednesday. A dramatic comedy presented “out of competition” at the Cannes film festival last May, in which we find in particular the star of Untouchables with Omar Sy: the actor François Cluzet. The latter embodies a real estate agent, named Simon, who then finds himself manipulated by a scammer with irresistible charm.

The plan is so well conceived that he sees nothing coming. Like any sexagenarian, he asks himself: ‘Have I lived all that I had to live?’. So when this girl tumbles, sublime, much younger, who seems to be interested in him, when this opportunity is offered to break the monotony that has settled in his couple, inevitably, he rushes“, he explained in the pages of TV Starbefore making a surprising revelation about his relationship with his wife Narjiss Slaoui-Falcoz, whom he married in 2011.

Better to die in love

Lots of men get married, have kids, then take a mistress because they don’t sleep with their wives anymore. It would be impossible for me. First, because locking oneself up in a lie prevents any levity. Then because I am too spontaneous not to get caught after two days“, he said, before giving more precisely his conception of the couple.

Lots of people stay together just for the kids. Me, when love has dried up, I prefer to leave. Or be left. Quit bitching. Because the loneliness of celibacy weighs on me. But it is vital to return to the market for love, true love. Why die with money and power? Better to die in love, we fly away”, confided the father of Blanche (1984) – fruit of his relationship with Chantal Perrin –, Paul (1993), son he had with the late Marie Trintignant, and finally Joseph (2001), born of his past love with Valerie Bonneton.

An interview he concluded by talking about his new life in the countryside, “in a Provençal village, 35km from Cannes, my partner’s region“. He acknowledges having now found a certain “balance“in his life, since he left Paris, a city where he had lived since his birth but which had become”too stressfule” to his liking.

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