“France loses one of the two twins”: Jean-Marc Généreux evokes the death of his child

When he is not on television sets or in the dance studio, Jean-Marc Généreux spends precious time with his family. He is married to France, whom he has known since he was 9 years old, for many years. Together, the couple is lucky to have two wonderful children: Jean-Francis (26) and Francesca (23). On social networks, the 59-year-old dancer and choreographer occasionally shares a few family moments. However, he rarely speaks about the death of one of his children…

In May 2014, on the set of The unexpected parenthesis (France 2) with Frédéric Lopez, Jean-Marc Généreux had confided in an open heart. He had thus evoked all the love he has for his wife, his daily life with his daughter suffering from Rett syndrome, a degenerative neurological disease, but also the disappearance of one of his children. “In fairy tales, we put a prince and a princess, a king and a queen, it’s the story of France and me. And you say that when you want to have a child, it’s going to be easy because we love each other so much. but it is not that simple“, had then declared the former juror of Dance with the stars (TF1) who signs his return for the time of a bonus, Chris Marques being affected by the Covid-19.

After a somewhat complicated journey, Jean-Marc Généreux and France learn some great news: she is pregnant with twins! Only, happiness does not last nine months… At twelve weeks of pregnancy, the couple discovers that one of the babies is dead. “France loses one of the two twins. We pray that the other child, Jean-Francis, will come to term“, he remembers. Their wish is granted: Jean-Francis points the tip of his nose and fills them with happiness, three years before the arrival of their second wonder, Francesca. The little girl fills them with love but very quickly they note a peculiar behavior.”She is developing quite well from 0 to 9 months but France realizes that at times she does not react. After 24 months, there is a beginning of regression. Within three years, Francesca returns to the mental age and dexterity of a 9-month-old child, told the dancer. She then lost her speech. There was then no longer any way to communicate, she withdraws into herself and the diagnosis falls, it is the Rett syndrome.“Today, the four of them form a happy and tight-knit family.

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