For Apple, MacBooks are now “laptops” and no longer “notebooks”

Apple is making changes, considering that MacBooks are now laptops rather than notebooks. This change is gradually being implemented on the manufacturer’s site.

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As 9to5Mac notes, Apple has changed several pages to put the name laptop rather than notebook, especially on its support pages. The change is currently taking place on the American site, the British site still displays the old mention. The same goes for other sites where English is used.

Before up, after down

Before up, after down

In France, nothing has changed for the moment with always the mention of a laptop and it is actually possible that nothing will change. The terms notebook and laptop are not really used here, we simply choose the term laptop to combine the two. The name notebook is no longer really used, even in English (hence the change by Apple). It initially referred to relatively compact laptops, such as 11 or 13 inch models, with generally fairly average technical characteristics. The name laptop is now generalized to designate a portable computer.

At the same time, Apple is making a change to macOS. With macOS Ventura, configuring a MacBook Air or Pro will come up with the name ” [Nom]’s laptop’ in English, instead of ‘ [Nom]’s MacBook Air” or ” [Nom]’s MacBook Pro”.

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