Fighting against global warming, Apple gives a layer

While its quarterly results have just broken records, Apple is taking the opportunity to publish another document of choice. This time, the article does not tell us about profit growth but about positive impact. What does the firm with the three trillion dollars of capitalization do to protect the planet? And how do its partners bring their own stone to the building?

First of all, explains Apple, it’s a question of commitment. Indeed, Apple has managed to get more than two hundred of its suppliers to sign up for a total abandonment of fossil fuels by 2030. Instead, companies will have to bet on the“green” electricity. Understand: wind or solar, even if it is true that the components of this type of generators can also pollute on their scale once obsolete.

Sustainable stores

With this, Apple recalls that all of its offices, data centers and stores have been powered by renewable energy since 2018 in forty-four different countries. A real challenge joined here too by the subcontractorswhose group of Tim Cook claims to have measured the efforts to the tune of ten gigawatts of electricity “own” products over the same period.

On the product side, we also see that some progress has taken place in recent years. Take the case of the iPhone 14 Pro, which is already announced as the number one mobile under the tree in December. Here, the gold of the cables dedicated to the photo sensors and the “plating of the various printed circuits” is fully recycled. Better still: the vegetable fibers of the box, which now contains less plastic, “come from responsibly managed forests” 100%.

It’s up to you to follow the movement

And for users, how to participate on their scale? Several quick solutions are available to you. Already, with iOS 16.1, you can choose to spend more renewable energy from a simple setting accessible with the Settings app.

Secondly, you are free to delete your duplicates to avoid consuming online storage space in the background. Finally, consider turning off your devices rather than putting them to sleep… This also concerns your MacBook and will seriously preserve its lifespan. - Official App – Official App

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