Excluded, Amazon scam: beware of these fraudulent emails that can rob you

Since the beginning of 2022, citizens have seen their purchasing power melt like snow in the sun. In question ? Record inflation, which now makes our expenses very difficult. In this context of crisis, some smart guys have chosen to make money by scamming others. This week, the Once Upon a Pub team spotted new fraudulent messages. We tell you about this Amazon scam, which you absolutely have to be wary of !

Amazon scam: who is stealing from whom?

Founded in 1994, Amazon company had started by selling books and films. More than 25 years later, this company has become a worldwide success. Thereby, the online sales platform has been a huge success. And customers place all their trust in this site. Nevertheless, this fame inspired the amazon scam.

Thus, some dishonest individuals know how this company is known for its reliability. These days, customers order from Amazon with their eyes closed. They know their order will arrive quickly, and they can count on solid customer service. Also, the Amazon scam looks like phishing. Also, the managers and employees of the company have nothing to do with this scam on line.

In reality, it isfake Amazon email. We find the logo of the company, and a layout reminiscent of that online store. This disturbing resemblance makes it possible to fool Internet users and lead them on another website. The purpose of this Amazon scam? Encourage victims to indicate their personal information. However, this is a very bad idea, because this data can help evildoers ruin you. But to avoid problems, you can also learn to spot these fraudulent messages.

Here’s how to recognize a suspicious email

In the case of the amazon scam, a trained eye will quickly notice a problem. Indeed, if The error is humanscammers are often distinguished by their bad syntax and their spelling mistakes ! Indeed, this kind of detail should put you in the ear. Also, we have a bad image of one of the largest firms in the world, contacting its customers with emails full of mistakes. Generally speaking, errors often reveal dishonest messages.

Amazon scam
Amazon scam – Source: DR

To allow you to avoid the amazon scam, the Once Upon a Pub team has also identified the address that sends these emails. They are: skh1i@elevrus.com. As you can see, this address has nothing to do with those of Amazon company !

Amazon scam
Amazon scam – Source: DR

In fact, it isa phishing campaign. Scammers use trickery to trick you into giving up your personal information. In the case of the Amazon scam, it is abouta gift to be won. This surprise will be enough to convince the most naive Internet users.

Nevertheless, if you come across an email like this, know that you can take action. Indeed, the Signal Spam platform, managed by the CNIL, processes reports of fraudulent messages. By remaining vigilant, we can thus prevent others from experiencing the Amazon scam from their mailboxes.

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