Exasperated, Internet users demand the departure of Thomas Da Costa

This Friday, October 28, Internet users have réclamé  the departure of Thomas Da Costa in

This Friday, October 28, Internet users demanded the departure of Thomas Da Costa in “Dancing with the stars”. TF1 screen capture

This Friday, October 28 was marked by the quarter-finals of “Dancing with the stars”. Among the five duos still in the running, one of the pairs has drawn the wrath of Internet users. For some, Thomas da Costa and Elsa Bois do not deserve their place and they think that Michou fans “screwed up the show” by dint of saving them.

Friday evening rhymes with “Dancing with the stars”. And this October 28 was an important evening for the candidates still in the running. After eight weeks of competition, the last five celebrities fought heart and soul to push their limits and hope to reach the semi-finals. One thing is certain, it is that the pressure has reached its climax. And for good reason ! If the first dance was performed after a week of training, the second was very different. The stars were informed, only a few minutes before treading the floor of “Dancing with the stars”, of the music to which they were going to dance. They had to dress and prepare a choreography in less than a minute and thirty seconds. So they had to improvise on everything. A great challenge, which they all took up successfully.

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As we approach the finale of this season 12 of “Dancing with the Stars”, the level is particularly high. However, if four duos have dazzled Internet users since the very first prime, the fifth couple is somewhat considered the “ugly duckling of adventure”. Not surprisingly, this couple is none other than Thomas Da Costa and Elsa Bois. If the star of the series “Here it all begins” is making remarkable progress from week to week, his performances are still “below” those of his competitors. Moreover, for a few bonuses, this pair has always found itself face-to-face… And despite the level of the candidate who is lower than the others, Thomas Da Costa is constantly saved thanks to the votes of viewers.

“Michou’s fans screwed up the show”

Every week, the same scenario occurs at the end of the show and it begins to overwhelm a few Internet users… If they often have the lowest ratings and receive the worst comments from the four judges, the actor and Michou’s girlfriend are unanimous with the public. They are constantly saved, even though the godmother of Thomas Da Costa thought he would leave at the second prime. For Twitter subscribers, Michou fans are responsible for this result and some believe that the young man no longer has a place on the show. This Friday, October 28, a wave of anger took hold of the blue bird social network and Twittos expressed their wish to see the actor leave the adventure.

“They hurt me”

Others, on the other hand, came to the defense of this duo so appreciated by the public. Moreover, internet users rightly remind us that it is the aim of the show to get fans to vote. And if the majority of viewers vote for Elsa Bois and Thomas Da Costa, it makes sense, especially since for many, the actor has made enormous progress since the start of “Dancing with the stars”.

Finally, without much surprise, it was still Elsa Bois and Thomas Da Costa who were saved by the votes of the public… Léa Elui and Jordan Mouillerac were eliminated at the gates of the semi-finals. And as much to say that this result made the Web react.

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