EU wants Apple, Samsung and other manufacturers to guarantee spare parts longer

The website the European Union outlines the outline of a a new regulation that will strengthen the right to repair and could end the era of disposable smartphones. According FinancialTimes the European Commission has presented a draft proposal which deals with the availability of spare parts, battery requirements and mandatory software updates to be provided by manufacturers after the launch of a smartphone or tablet.

The regulations state that at least 15 different components must be available for at least five years after the date of product introduction. In addition to that, the battery will have to guarantee approximately 500 full charges before deteriorating to 83% ability. The document also explains that manufacturers will be required to display battery life, drop resistance and other specifications on a label affixed to the packaging.

The measure, which aims to extend the life of electronic devices, would have a positive effect on reducing emissions. By providing more options for repairing a smartphone, consumers would not be forced to purchase a new device. Interestingly, this regulation applies not only to spare parts, but also to software updates.

The European Commission’s plan will require manufacturers to offer security updates for up to five years after the devices have been withdrawn from the market. Companies would also be required to guarantee feature updates for three years. “If the products do not meet the requirements, they will be withdrawn from the market,” said an EU official.

Manufacturers are against these measures

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