Energy crisis: soon an energy forecast on TV to help the French adapt their consumption?

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The government and some TV channels are thinking about combining classic weather and energy weather.

Will weather forecasters soon report electricity consumption peaks? It is, in any case, the project that was presented to Matignon and the cabinet of Agnès Pannier Runacher, but also to certain star presenters who said they were very interested.

The website of RTE, the operator of the electricity transmission network, already offers a tool, free of charge, which makes it possible to regulate electricity consumption. Ecowatt informs in real time about the level of consumption of the French, region by region. Thanks to its alert system, it allows users to know when to reduce their consumption, for example, during cold spells in winter. This allows you to consume at the best time, for example, by starting your washing machine at night.

Consume at the best time

On April 4, which was a day of very high consumption, RTE sent an alert to its subscribers, thus saving 800 megawatts “i.e. the equivalent of twice the consumption of the city of Montpellier and almost the power of “a nuclear reactor”, assured RTE at the time.

The idea that has been submitted to the ministries and the TV channels is therefore to couple this electricity weather forecast to the real weather forecast, the two being interdependent, in order to allow the French to adapt their consumption and avoid cuts. which could be to be feared this winter.

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