Energy crisis: a Nobel Prize in physics triggers a “pastagate” in Italy

Like France, Italy is trying to save energy to get through the winter. But on the other side of the Alps, people worry about the need to cut their gas or electricity while cooking pasta. Giorgio Parisi, Nobel Prize in Physics in 2021 for his work on the interaction of disorder and fluctuations in physical systems from the atomic to planetary scale, thus finds himself at the heart of a culinary debate for several days.

The 74-year-old physicist certainly did not expect such enthusiasm after having distilled some advice to his fellow citizens, in a Facebook post published at the end of August. On the social network, Giorgio Parisi explains how to save energy while cooking. He therefore recommends, once the water is boiling and the pasta has been placed in the pan, to “put the gas to the minimum of the minimum”so that the water stays boiling “without consuming gas”.


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