Emotion in London as Queen Elizabeth II’s remains arrive in Buckingham

Outside Buckingham Palace, a huge crowd greeted the arrival of the woman who ruled the country for 70 years, with cheers and loud applause,

To the cheers and applause of her loyal subjects, the remains of Queen Elizabeth II passed through the gates of her London Buckingham Palace on Tuesday evening to spend one last night there, before five days of public homage to Westminster.

She was welcomed there by her son Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla, who had returned from a brief official visit to Northern Ireland, and other members of the royal family. His return to the capital is preparing for his funeral, which will take place on Monday at Westminster Abbey.

The Queen’s coffin, covered with the yellow, red and blue royal standard of the United Kingdom and a wreath of white flowers, was unloaded, by the famous grenadiers, from the hearse which had transported it from the airport of the Royal Air Force, where he had landed an hour earlier.

Thousands of people

On his way, hundreds of motorists got out of their cars to make him a guard of honor, not hesitating to cross the central reservation after having stopped their vehicle on the part in the opposite direction of the highway.

On Wednesday, the coffin of the Queen who died Thursday at 96 will leave its official home in the British capital on a gun carriage, crossing central London to reach the Palace of Westminster in a grand procession, where it will be displayed for five days at Westminster Hall.

Thousands of people are expected for the procession through central London, which will be greeted by the bell of Big Ben and cannon shots in Hyde Park.

They will be even more numerous to try to pay between Wednesday and Monday morning a last tribute in Westminster Hall to the sovereign. The press evokes up to 750,000 people over more than ten kilometers. In Edinburgh, 33,000 people had already lined up to say goodbye to him at Saint-Gilles Cathedral.

In a statement released Tuesday evening by Buckingham, Princess Anne thanked those who show so much “love and respect” to her late mother.

“I had the chance to share the last 24 hours of my very dear Mother’s life. It was an honor and a privilege to accompany her on her last trip,” added the princess, the sovereign’s only child. to travel with his remains between Edinburgh and London.

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