Elise Lucet: Her daughter Rose (15), very “anxious”, made an important decision

Soon back on the small screen with a new edition of Cash Investigation baptized Droughts, floods: who will foot the bill?, Elise Lucet made rare revelations about her daughter Rose (born in February 2007, the fruit of her love with the antique dealer Martin Bourgeois). Interviewed by journalists from Star TV, the 59-year-old presenter – who lost her husband in 2011 – has revealed her daughter is part of this new generation not wanting to have children. “I understand her. The recklessness that we have lived, they do not have it“, she confides.

Visibly very worried about the future and tired of hearing the distressing news relayed all day long on the news channels, the young girl would now refuse to watch the news in order to preserve her well-being. “She refuses to watch the television news because it worries her too much“, indicates the former host of Exhibits, who fully understands her daughter’s choice. Stressed by certain journalists who seem more busy making ratings with anxiety-provoking titles rather than investigating the reality on the ground, the young girl would have had a very bad experience of the period of confinement.

A very stressful combo

The younger generation is in a very stressful combobut with this desire to change things“, nevertheless adds Elise Lucet, happy to see that many young people are now denouncing and fighting injustices thanks to social networks.

Despite the fact that she has become more distant from television, Rose has kept all her curiosity about the world around her. This is what the former presenter of the JT de 13 heures de France 2 had revealed in the podcast tv women of Entertainment TV.

She is fully aware of what I have been able to bring her and in particular this curiosity of others, of the world. When I see her today saying hello to everyone, taking an interest in others, whoever they are, whatever their social background, whatever their skin color, their job, their background, I tell myself that I succeeded in transmitting this curiosity to him. It might be the best gift I could give her.“ she explained, very proud of the personality of her daughter.

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