Eight Valuable Tips for Successful Decision-Making

TIPS. We are not all equal when it comes to choice. For some, it works cold and easy. For others, it’s an ordeal that tortures the mind for days. A psychologist gives her advice.

Whether it’s choosing a dish to eat, a vacation spot for the next summer or deciding to leave their company after being poached, some people hesitate between the options as if their life depended on it. . Why is the task so difficult? It is enough to remember the maxim of André Gide, “to choose is to give up”, answers Nayla Chidiac (1), clinical psychologist and doctor in psychopathology. “When you make a choice, there is a notion of rupture and loss that emerges,” she continues. We automatically abandon the other piece, and it is precisely this renunciation that makes the process complex. »

An evil of our time, according to the professional: “We live in a hyper-connected society which gives access to so many things that the notion of decision becomes more and more difficult”. To help us, the psychologist gives eight pieces of advice.

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Take his time

The recommendation is not revolutionary but can nevertheless be of great help…

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