Eating an organic and local Neapolitan pizza from Hainaut: it’s possible!

It is one of the Italian culinary symbols and is eaten all over the world, including in Belgium where a strong community lives. To Montigny-le-Tilleul in Hainaut, Gregory opted for the production of organic pizza and composed of local products.

Of Italian origin, he launched his pizzeria in 2020. To start, you need a Neapolitan oven made according to the rules required by this know-how, but for the products: local and organic are the leitmotif. “The wood that heats the oven comes from the surroundings of the Eau d’Heure lakes, the charcuterie is of ‘Ardenne pork’ quality for the sake of animal well-being and local consumption.“, enumerates Grégory Ciarrocchi, the owner of Pizza del Tiglio.

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And to find the products, you have to look for good addressesespecially when working with small quantities, we go to the producers directly […] We prefer to see people, and where they work“, details Gregory.

Voluntarily limited quantities for limit waste : “The objective is not to make numbers at all costs“, he finishes. And as regards ls drinksobviously the short circuit is also privileged.

The “pizza del tiglio” claims 80% Belgian products and 60% organicwith always a desire to go further while remaining in the pleasure of the product.

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