E.coli bacteria in Buitoni pizzas: a lawyer claims 250 million euros from Nestlé

Two children died, others were hospitalized. After the Buitoni pizza scandal contaminated with Escherichia coli bacteria, the lawyer for 55 victims is asking Nestlé for 250 million euros in compensation.

He represents 55 victims of the Buitoni food scandal, Me Pierre Debuisson now demands money from Nestlé. In the Journal du Dimanche on September 18, he explains that he is asking for compensation in the amount of 250 million euros.

“We need a repair at the height of these human tragedies”, explains the lawyer, who has initiated a civil action for gross negligence. Last winter, several children were victims of contamination with E.coli bacteria after eating Fraîch’up pizzas from the Buitoni brand.

Two of them even died. This is the case of Nathan, 8, who died on the night of February 17 to 18, a fortnight after eating a frozen pizza from the Nestlé group brand.

In the JDD this Sunday, Yohann, Nathan’s dad looks back on the drama: “Nestlé has ruined our lives, they have to pay”, he declares after recalling the violence of the brand’s silence, added to that of the loss of a child.

Nestlé has not “taken the necessary measures”

The lawyer believes that Nestlé did not “take the necessary measures” to guarantee the “quality of the product offered for sale”. For Me Debuisson, the recall of the incriminated pizzas came too late. He deplores the indifference with which the families of the victims are treated.

A judicial investigation was also opened on March 22 by the Paris prosecutor’s office for “deception”, “manslaughter”, and “endangering others”, in particular after an inspection of the factory where the pizzas were made, revealing serious deficiencies in terms of hygiene. According to Me Debuisson, the lawyer has never been contacted since the start of the investigation.

In mid-July, Christophe Cornu, the boss of Nestlé France, owner of the Buitoni brand, apologized to the families of children affected by contamination and announced the creation of a support fund for victims.

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