Doubs. A young man beaten up while waiting for his pizza at a Morteau gas station

A case of violence in a meeting in Morteau which dates back to last August has just known its epilogue. On the day of the incident, a 21-year-old Mortuacien is waiting for his pizza at a gas station and meets four friends who come to fill up with gas. A little agitated, the four newcomers spot a young woman whom they whistle and insult before leaving. She is accompanied by four friends who are quick to approach the young man still waiting for his pizza. Although he did not take part in the whistles, insults and other inappropriate behavior, he is manhandled. His attackers want to know the names of his friends but he doesn’t give up. He was beaten four to one.

Drugs seized in one of the cars

The attack does not cause temporary incapacity for work (ITT) but the young man files a complaint with the gendarmes of Morteau. After a few weeks of investigation, the community of mortuacienne brigades traces the trail of the four attackers and arrests them this Wednesday, November 2 in Morteau, Fuans and Le BĂ©lieu before placing them in police custody. One is minor and the other three are adults. The search of the vehicle of one of them surprised the gendarmes since they discovered 68 grams of cannabis resin, 19 grams of grass, 6 grams of cocaine, three gas canisters and balloons, probably for use laughing gas.

Left free this Thursday, the adults will appear before a judge on April 3 and the minor before a juvenile judge on January 9.

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