Does meditation keep your brain young for longer?

Posted Nov 4, 2022, 12:00 PMUpdated Nov 4, 2022, 1:52 PM

Since it has spread out of the temples of Buddhist monks to enter the lives of an ever-increasing number of Westerners, meditation has seen its effects on mental health, but also on the brain itself, being largely confirmed. by the neurosciences, which have devoted several thousand scientific studies to it over the past twenty decades, including a large number of clinical studies that are more cumbersome to set up but also more robust.

From her laboratory in Caen, Inserm research director Gaël Chételat is mainly interested in the effect of meditation on what is her direct object of study, namely the normal aging of the brain and its pathological extensions that are neurodegenerative diseases. Does meditation – and in particular its simplest form, mindfulness meditation, which consists of focusing one’s attention on an object, for example one’s own breathing – protect us against brain aging and cognitive decline, that is it normal or pathological? This question is at the heart of the vast European research program Medit-Ageing, coordinated by Gaël Chételat.

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