Does Apple’s price hike cause you to reconsider certain purchases?

We expected it, Apple did it: the prices of many products increased at the end of the special event of Wednesday. None of the new iPhones are priced below $1,000, while prices for previous generation phones have not budged. In its 1 TB version, the iPhone 14 Pro Max costs more than €2,100, where the 13 Pro Max did not go above €1,839!

And that’s not all, because we will have to anticipate other similar price increases in the months to come. Apple has applied an increase of around 15% to its iPhones, and the future 14″ and 16″ MacBook Pros will no doubt also be affected when they are released. We also expect the price of the next iPads to rise (iPad, iPad Pro, etc.).

And if you were planning on shopping on an “old” model, you better hurry. Apple reserves the right to increase the prices of its products already in the catalog: the MacBook Air M1, for example, took €70 last June.


Inflation hits Apple customers: widespread price increase, iPhone 14 over €1,000

MacBook Pro, Mac mini and iPad: beware of a very likely price increase

MacBook Pro, Mac mini and iPad: beware of a very likely price increase

These price increases do not only concern Apple, the prices of certain subscriptions (Amazon Prime, Molotov, OCS, etc.) have also increased. The Meta Quest 2 has gone from €349.99 to €449.99, while Devialet is raising the price of its speakers from €10 to €310. In this tense economic context, some customers think twice before taking out the credit card. And you, are you going to reconsider certain Apple purchases following the price increase?


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