Discomfort and controversy on the front page of Charlie Hebdo which will appear tomorrow representing the naked corpse of Eric Zemmour in a suitcase, a French flag planted in the buttocks… Look

This is the Charlie Hebdo front page of tomorrow which was broadcast on social networks and which this evening is causing unease and controversy. For some it’s a front page in the spirit of Charlie Hebdo, while for others it is in absolute bad taste, some even seeing hints of anti-Semitism in view of the representation of Eric Zemmour. This one indeed represents the corpse of Eric Zemmour naked in a suitcase with a French flag planted in the buttocks and with the title “Zemmouricide”.

Below are some reactions on social media.

Note that a title on this front page also makes people react, the one around the murder of little Lola. At the top left, Charlie Hebdo indeed makes a pun around “maggots” thus shocking many readers…

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