Death of Elizabeth: the man who threw himself on the queen’s coffin thought she was still alive

The scene shocked millions of Britons on Monday at the funeral of Elizabeth II.

He thought she was still alive. The 28-year-old man who shocked Britons at the funeral of Elizabeth II on Monday by approaching her coffin and grabbing one of the fabrics covering it appeared in Westminster Magistrates Court on Tuesday, national media reported.

Muhammad Khan, who suffers from delirium, wanted to verify for himself that the queen was indeed dead and hoped to be able to contact her. “The judge did not question Muhammad Khan, whom doctors deemed unfit to take part in the proceedings. He just confirmed his name, date of birth, address and intervened once”, explains The Parisian.

The young man was released on bail, explains TF1. He will have to stay in a London psychiatric hospital until another appearance in the same court in a month.

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