Death of Elizabeth II: the moving gesture of Kate Middleton towards a little girl who came to pay tribute to the queen

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While since the announcement of the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, the crowd rushes to pay tribute to the late monarch, a little girl was lucky enough to be spotted by Kate Middleton. The new Princess of Wales helped the child lay flowers outside Sandringham.

Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William traveled to Sandringham on Thursday September 15 to attend the crowd’s tributes and expressions of affection for Queen Elizabeth II who died on September 8. Among the moved Britons, a granddaughter was lucky enough to be chosen by Kate Middleton herself to come and lay flowers by her side.

A corgi plush for the queen

The 8-year-old child, named Elizabeth, came dressed as a schoolgirl with a stuffed corgi, the queen’s favorite breed of dog. Kate Middleton then invited him to join her to come and drop off his teddy and a bouquet of flowers on the already well-stocked floor of Surningham. This gesture particularly moved the granddaughter.

“I went with the Princess of Wales to drop off the flowers and the corgi, she says. She said, ‘Where do you think we should put the flowers?’ and I said, ” We should put them there”, reports the Daily Mail. According to our colleagues, the little girl was then overwhelmed by emotion and burst into tears.

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