Death of Elizabeth II: One of her granddaughters lands an important position with Charles III

How far are the days when Princess Beatrice of York, with her sister Eugenie, were the rebellious teenagers of the British royal family! Now 34 years old, the young woman has become one of the pillars of this clan, discreet but always present, serious and fulfilling mother of her little Sienna, born in September 2021. But in the coming weeks, her role should still evolve. and grow up with his uncle, the new King Charles III.

Indeed, the young woman is about to be named special adviser to the monarch, a role which consists in replacing the sovereign when he cannot assume a trip or an appointment. Proof that the young woman has her head on her shoulders and that her uncle trusts her, even if she will share this new function with the four members of her family who precede her in the order of succession and who are over the age of 21, namely Queen Consort Camilla, Prince William of Wales, Prince Harry and his father, Prince Andrew.

However, when we know that Prince Harry lives in the United States and no longer represents the royal family, and that his father, entangled in the Epstein affair, has withdrawn from public life, we say to ourselves that we should see her much more often … Very close to her little sister Eugenie, the daughter of Sarah Ferguson should therefore finally come out of her reserve, she who is however always present during major family events.

And in particular the Jubilee: like all her cousins ​​(except William), she had not appeared during Trooping the Colour, but had made a remarkable appearance at mass in a blue dress, on the arm of her husband Edoardo Mapello Mozzi. She also appeared to her cousins ​​this Saturday, when the Royal Family visited the small church near Balmoral. Dressed in black, she arrived with her sister and very moved, even snuggled up in her father’s arms.

Then, we saw her, comforting her cousin Louise then speaking with the crowd: much appreciated by the public, she did not hesitate, like her sister, to find onlookers who gave her flowers and sent her all their their condolences. Very touched, she should now be present Monday, September 19, at the official funeral of her grandmother, and perhaps this Monday in Edinburgh: a religious ceremony will be given in the presence of several members of the royal family including King Charles III .

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