Death of Elizabeth II: discover the colossal fortune that the new King of England Charles III will inherit, without paying any inheritance tax

On the death of his mother Elizabeth II, Charles III not only inherited the title of King of England.

Charles III formally acceded to the British throne on Saturday, two days after the death of Elizabeth II after seventy years of reign. The former Prince of Wales, who succeeded his mother immediately, was officially proclaimed king at the end of the morning by the Accession Council. And more than the crown, the legacy bequeathed by Elizabeth II is colossal. The queen was at the head of a personal fortune of more than 400 million eurosaccording to the Sunday Times

First of all, Charles III will inherit the real estate from his mother. Balmoral Castle, the royal family’s summer resort, and the Sandringham residence, where the royal family traditionally celebrates the end of year celebrations, will be bequeathed to him. Properties respectively estimated at 100 and 50 million pounds. By becoming king, Charles also inherits the duchy of Lancaster, property of the crown since the Middle Ages. He had generated in the fiscal year ended in March 24 million pounds of private income for the British monarch.

The Queen owned a large stock portfolio and a stamp collection started by King George V which is estimated to be worth £100 million. She also owned a horse stable which brought him more than 7 million pounds.

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No inheritance tax

Charles also benefits from an annual allocation (“sovereign grant”) from the public treasury, set at 15% of the income from the crown’s heritage, the “Crown Estate”, which includes land but also a colossal wind farm, between others. This allocation had reached 86.3 million pounds for 2021-2022 and makes it possible in particular to finance the expenses linked to the official activities of representation of the sovereign or the members of his family. Charles III will also inherit the famous crown jewelsworth an estimated £3 billion.

On the other hand, Buckingham Palace, the royal London residence, and Windsor Castle, about thirty kilometers west of the capital, are state properties. becoming king, Charles loses the Duchy of Cornwallwhich generates around £21m a year and goes to his eldest son William.

The fortune of the deceased queen is therefore added to the Charles’ personal fortune, estimated at £87 million by

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