Death of Elizabeth II: after the Mercedes “scandal” in Scotland, the hearse is now … a Jaguar

After being flown to London on Tuesday evening via a Royal Air Force plane, Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin traveled in a Jaguar-branded hearse, some would say more befitting of a British monarch than the Mercedes that operated in Scotland.

A detail of the protocol that will no longer make you tick. The very last trip of Queen Elizabeth II will not ultimately be in a Mercedes, but in a Jaguar. The appearance of the Mercedes E-Class station wagon which had crossed the gates of Balmoral this Sunday, September 12, 2022, to head for Edinburgh (Scotland) had caused a lot of talk, some observers wondering why the queen’s hearse was not in production British.

Many Internet users had expressed their astonishment, some even seeing it as an affront to the deceased. “Isn’t there somewhere in our country a hearse based on Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Jaguar or Land Rover?” asked a certain Sir Uncle Jimmy.

But what was perceived as a lèse-majesté crime is now only ancient history. Because it is now Jaguar, an emblematic British manufacturer, which ensures the transport of the remains of the queen to London.

The vehicle was built by Wilcox Limousines reports FoxNews. The company said it was originally silver, but was eventually covered in a black film to accommodate royal protocols.

Wilcox had also designed the Jaguar XJ-based hearse that carried the Queen Mother’s coffin in 2002.

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