Dancing with the stars: discover the first couple eliminated from the season!

On Friday September 9, TF1 kicked off the new season of Dance with the stars. A first pre-recorded number in the week which unveiled the first pairs.

All were faced with the season’s new rules, including size power given to Chris Marques only. The member of the historical jury had indeed the possibility of sending a couple face-to-face without it being able to catch up during the second round. And it was the duo David Douillet – Katrina Patchett who paid the price… In addition, Chris Marques and his comrades François Alu, Bilal Hassani and Marie-Agnès Gillot had a favorite buzzer. If they decided to press it unanimously, the interested couple was directly qualified for the next broadcast. And that’s what happened since Billy Crawford and Fauve Hautot were saved by jurors.


One by one the couples took to the dance floor and everyone put on a show. Some better than others of course, but they all gave their best. Rumba, waltz, jive… will soon hold no more secrets for them. But it’s time after those first dances and the imposed challenge – which was a choreography inspired by social networks – to find out who stood out.

David Douillet – Katrina Patchett therefore faced Anggun and Adrien Caby as well as Eva and Jordan Mouillerac face to face. The duos took turns dancing to the same title and it was the audience present in the room who could save only one by voting for their favorite performance. In the end, it’s Eva and Jordan Mouillerac as well asAnggun who remain in the adventure, while David Douillet and Katrina Patchett are eliminated. These last two were obviously very disappointed when they discovered this decision of the jury…

Next week, the six other personalities in the running – Florent Peyre, Stéphane Legar, Theo Fernandez, Carla Lazzari, Léa Elui and Clémence Caste – will find themselves in turn on the floor. A show that will again be pre-recorded and that will end with a new elimination. The ten stars still in the race will then continue the adventure live, from the third broadcast.

See you next week!

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