Dancing with the stars 2022 – Who was eliminated on Friday September 9 from DALS? – Dance with the stars

This is the place we hate. The place we want to avoid at all costs. Worse than fourth place in a major sports competition: elimination from the first Dancing with the Stars bonus. For this first evening, some Stars have already distinguished themselves. Billy Crawford and Fauve Hautot dominated the evening with the 4 judges’ buzz. Others have also distinguished themselves by receiving the Red Buzz from Chris Marques. This is the case of David Douillet and Katrina Patchett. Joined by Eva, the singer and her dancer Jordan Mouillerac as well as Anggun and Adrien Caby. Who will be saved by the public? Who will be saved by the coaches? Who will have to leave the adventure hastily? The answer now. EXCERPT from Dancing With the Stars of September 9, 2022
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