Cyril Hanouna pays the actor Jean-Paul Rouve: “What a moron this one! He’s not a model of intelligence, he’s stupid as a dick!” – Look

Last night, on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste” on C8, Cyril Hanouna and his columnists returned to the comments made by Jean-Paul Rouve on RTL, this weekend. When asked about the war in Ukraine, the actor said: “I’m happy that there is Europe, NATO. We have to fight for that and, if this winter we have to lower the one degree heating, it’s not very serious”.

Words that made the host of C8 react. “He talks about stuff where he doesn’t understand anything, he’s off the ground! Let him start doing Les Tuche again, don’t piss us off, what a moron this one is! (…) The last time he m put a cartridge in ‘Paris Match’ or whatever, so I called him. I said to him: ‘Do you have a problem?’ He said to me: ‘no, no I love you’, and then he gave me a cartridge (…) In any case, he will be hot when I go to meet him, “said Cyril Hanouna.

And to add: “He’s dumb as a b*te. Jean-Paul Rouve, he’s not a model of intelligence. I know him well. Let him stay in this stuff and let him not make us take a dump”. invites you to (re)discover this sequence (see video above).

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