Current freshness and cold: it’s not over, on the contrary

Cold anomaly: only the second since January!

And yes, even if we observed a few brief periods when temperatures fell below seasonal averages, you have to go back to January 10, 2022 to find 18 consecutive days when the National Thermal Indicator was below normal. After an exceptionally mild month of December and early January, the change was brutal. Average temperatures across France even dropped to 1.62 C on 15 January, more than 3° C below seasonal averages. Nothing abnormal however, because close to us in 2020, we find a fairly comparable evolution with an even more lasting cool period which extended from September 25 to October 18.

What may surprise are these sudden changes in temperature in a warming trend. These will not disappear in the years to come, but will be less frequent and intense. They characterize an evolution of the variability of the weather, for 2 decades, which will continue for the years and decades to come. There remains the current context of energy savings. If some of you have already turned on the heating and therefore increased your bill, it is important to know if this period will be prolonged. What will it really be?

A lasting cool period: it’s not over

The analysis of the general situation for the next 10 days does not show any favorable development, on the contrary. After the current period, cool, dry and sunny, the weather will become disturbed from Friday evening on a large part of France. It will keep temperatures below normal, before a fairly marked drop at the beginning of next week due to the direction of the wind to the northwest. This is confirmed by our thermal indicator. It is currently at nearly 15°C, or 2.5°C below normal, and is not about to rise over the next 7 days, on the contrary. Average temperatures are even expected to drop to 4°C below normal mid next week. In the capital, for example, the average temperature will drop by 2°C at the start of next week, but it is especially the afternoons that may seem cold with 15°C expected on Tuesday against 21°C this Wednesday. fall…October. Ultimately, this cool or cold period for some could last until the end of the month.

The change in weather, with the return of the rain and weak sunshine, will surely force you to maintain a little heating or to turn it on. Note that this decrease is not abnormal, nor extreme, even if the snow will appear in the mountains. If heating will prove necessary for many, however follow some advice:

Check that your heating, electric or gas, is well maintained Maintain dry air in your home Block the passages of cold air Regulate the temperature of your room according to their occupation. 19°C for the living rooms, 17°C for those with little occupation.

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