Covid-19: as the 8th wave begins, the incidence rate skyrockets among those under 20

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Two weeks after the start of the school year, contamination linked to Covid-19 is on the rise again in France. The incidence rate climbs sharply among those under 20, the first affected by this 8th wave of contamination.

Covid-19 contaminations are on the rise again in France. “After eight weeks of decline, the incidence rate is rising again with 186 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants”, evokes Public Health France this Friday, September 16 in a point on the health situation. This epidemic recovery is particularly strong among the youngest age groups, “especially among those under 20, among whom the positivity rate has climbed by more than 9 points in one week”, evoke the health authorities.

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“To explain the resumption of viral circulation, individual factors must be taken into account: immunity induced by vaccination and infections…explains Santé Publique France. In France as in many countries, children have a different immune profile: they are less vaccinated than the rest of the population”. Consequence: the virus circulates more actively among the youngest in this new school year 2022.

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Behind this new wave of contamination, it is indeed the BA.5 variant, belonging to the Omicron family, which is taking shape. This same variant had also carried the previous wave of infections: “We are in a stable situation: an Omicron variant with successive sub-variants, explains Public Health France. The most probable scenarios are that the “we have sub-lineages close to Omicron which remain in the majority. However, we cannot exclude the appearance of external sub-lineages, we maintain strong epidemiological vigilance.”

Hospitalizations still down

In hospitals across the country, the trend is quite different. Hospitalizations related to Covid-19 are on the decline. Currently 12,996 infected people are hospitalized in France. “Over the past week, between September 5 and 11, we recorded 1,925 new hospitalizations linked to the virus, or 16% less than the previous week”, describes Public Health France.

In intensive care units, the trend is also downward. 737 infected patients are currently in intensive care: such low figures had not been observed since the first wave of contamination in 2020. However, the virus continues to kill in France. According to Santé Publique France, between September 5 and 11, 176 people died after being infected.

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