Complaint against the App Store: Apple and the developer of FlickType finally agree

Apple and Kosta Eleftheriou have buried the hatchet, at least as far as the complaint filed in March 2021 by the developer of FlickType is concerned. This lawsuit accused Apple of having rejected this virtual keyboard for the Apple Watch, while the manufacturer accepted others – including apps using technology developed by Kosta Eleftheriou!

FlickType ended up receiving its release slip on the App Store, but then it fell victim to parasitic competition boosted by rave reviews and reviews… but bogus. Eleftheriou estimates that revenue from FlickType plummeted from $130,000 in the first month to $20,000 as customers downloaded the dowdy copies.

We do not know the terms of this amicable agreement, but no doubt the developer obtained part of what he asked for in compensation. Which will not prevent him from continuing his investigative work: Eleftheriou is indeed known for to unveil on Twitter about the App Store’s failures to detect malicious apps.


The App Store still clogged with parasitic applications, Apple responds 🆕


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