Comparison: the Series 8 against the Apple Watch Ultra

As the first lucky ones get ready to receive their Apple Watch Ultra, you may still be tormenting yourself by several tabs of the Apple Store. Should you spend almost €1,000 for a superb watch intended for great athletes, or choose reason and move towards a “simple” Series 8 in aluminium? Here is a little point-by-point comparison to help you decide.

Apple Watch Ultra.

A brand new box

The Apple Watch Ultra has several big advantages over its little sister. Most striking is its new 49 mm case, a unique format supported by a material exclusive to the 2022 vintage: titanium. Previously available on standard cases with the Apple Watch Edition, this metal will now be reserved for the largest watch sold by Cupertino. The design has logically changed a bit. A crown protector shelters a digital crown bigger than in the past, while the location of the speakers and microphones has also been changed.


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